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Kit - Adjustment Block (1920) and Rubber Reverse Disc (CP2111)
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Item #: 1919 -

Kit-Adjustment Block and Rubber Reverse Disc - Horse II and Later

Rubber Reverse Disc
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Item #: CP2111 -

Rubber reverse disc for all Horse II and later Troy-Bilt Horse four-speed tillers with a single drive belt, beginning with serial number 315296. ID: 3/8"   OD: 3-3/4"  This disc has a metal body with a rubber ring around the outside. Used with transmission pulley numbers 1484 and 2107. Replaces Troy-Bilt part numbers:2111, GW-2111, 756-04171, 1485, 88174If you need a belt and reverse disc: CP1911 Belt & Reverse Disc Set ...

CP11596 Reverse Disc Kit, 1072, 1072K, 11596, Horse I, Horse 1, Troy-Bilt, Troy Bilt, tiller
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Item #: CP11596 -

Fiber Revers Disc Update Kit - Troy-Bilt "Horse" I tiller .Updates reverse disc mounting system from three screw hardware to single bolt and washer hardware. Includes large diameter mounting washers and fiber reverse disc (CP1072). If your current fiber reverse disc is mounted with a single bolt in the end of the crankshaft, you only need an CP1072.Replaces Troy-Bilt part numbers: 1072GW-10722732GW-11596

Fiber Reverse Disc Troy-bilt, horse 1, horse I, 1072, GW-1072, Troy Bilt, Fiber Reverse Disc, Reverse Disc, tiller
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Item #: CP1072 -

"Fiber" reverse disc for Horse I model Troy-Bilt tillers, serial # 2713-315295. This is the disc only. The oldest of these tillers used a fiber disc mounting system with three screw holes. In later tillers the screws were discontinued and the 11596 disc conversion kit allowed these tillers to be used with one mounting bolt (the bolt that holds the engine pulley on also holds the fiber reverse disc). If you need the washers to install the disc with the single mounting bolt, order our...